Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lazy Summer Days Become a Warm Memory as New Classes Begin

One of my last meals at home, a BLT
made with tomatoes from my garden.
BLTs. Butterflies. Finishing a great book in bed at four in the morning. These are some of my favorite things. After a hectic first year of college—full of living with a brand new family of twenty-five, going to class with anywhere from twenty to two hundred and twenty people, and a surprise internship—I enjoyed a few quiet months at home this summer.

This guy hung out with me for awhile.
I connected anew and again to friends and family. I developed a sweater collection. I brushed up on my yardsaling skills. (Biggest find of the season: A blue polyester wingback chair that was miraculously light enough to be hauled up to my fourth-floor res hall room. The price? Five dollars. The thrill of the hunt? Priceless.) So, my summer was all about enjoying the simple things. After a couple of months, however, I was ready to be back in Bloomington and back in the swing of things.

My five-dollar chair, adorned
with a doily made by my great aunt.

I will be unpacking all year.
I am Collins' Arts Council Chair this year, so I moved back in mid-August to train for this student government position. I have also been serving as a Welcome Week assistant, helping to move students into their halls and welcome new residents. As you know, the whirlwind of places to find, events to be at, and new people to meet can be overwhelming. But, my book bag is packed with all my shiny new school supplies, and I am thrilled to start the year!

Studying with old friends
after the first day of classes.