Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's for Design Tonight?

     Avi Katz is an amazing animator. Although he's been working in Israel for much of the past few years, you may recognize one project he worked on: Blues Clues! Avi just wrapped up presenting a three-part workshop at Collins Living-Learning Center. And, I was lucky enough to be able to make the last two of the workshop events in this series.
     This workshop series—called "What's for Design Tonight?"—explored the psychology behind creating cartoon characters. Students who attended the workshops learned about how to represent qualities ranging from evil to cute in animations.
     In the last workshop of the series, student explored characteristics that inspired fear and how to depict them. The theme of the night was drawing dragons. At the end of the two-hour class, however, students were in for a surprise! Avi played a clip of an old movie called The Reluctant Dragon in which the image of the typical scary dragon stereotype was turned on its head. Check out the intro of the movie on YouTube here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=71Lu9MsQ1yM.
     When students get busy with school, it’s often easy to forget about some of the really cool opportunities for fun activities and events that come our way, living on campus. In the end, though, I was so glad I made time to go to this event!