Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Making a Hall a Home

Sampling the fruit of Abby's labor.

     As a college student, homemade food is usually a luxury reserved for when you're, well, home from school. But, more and more, inventive students are discovering ways to find and prepare tasty food for themselves in their rooms. A friend of mine, Abby, who is actually in a class about edible plants, recently experimented with something she'd heard about in class. She collected some acorns from around campus, brought them home, shelled them, boiled them and ate them! (Apparently they are toxic when raw. Who knew?) So, while I can't really say that I recommend the recipe, boiling acorns makes for some fun times.
Making a tasty treat!
     Going with something a bit more traditional, smoothies are a fun option for a homemade snack. All you need is a blending device and a quick trip to the Hoosier Cafe and Store (also known as the c-store) for some yogurt and bananas to get started making them in your room! You can either try freezing the yogurt, the bananas, or both, or there should be an ice machine in your building somewhere for adding the frozen component to your smoothies. If you're really dying for a smoothie, make friends with your janitor (Which, I must interject, you really should have done by now anyway. It's common courtesy!) and ask him or her where your ice machine is located. Making a meal in your room is not only a snack, it's an adventure!


  1. By the way, you can check out Abby's gourmet blog here:

  2. Did u really eat acorns? Squirrely!!!! Smoothies are such a great idea!!!!!