Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Movers and Shakers

The Collins veranda gets a face-lift.
Like so many places on campus, Collins is experiencing some growing pains. Students will be waking up to the alarm clock of a stone grinder or a cement truck every day at 8 a.m. until construction on our courtyard is complete. Luckily, though, students managed to work around the construction with relative ease, as Welcome Week activities commenced.

The city of Bloomington turns the blocks of Woodlawn Avenue and Park Avenue that border
the Collins main quad into one-way streets for the duration of move-in day to help with the flow of traffic.
All told, move-in day went as scheduled! With some blood, sweat, and tears (on the sides of both parents and children), students moved into their homes for the year. Welcome Week assistants floated around the courtyard all day, providing students help with trucking their belongings up Collins' many, many stairs.

Welcome Week assistants lend students help with moving.

A father hefts a trunk down Woodlawn Avenue.

Students continued to use the courtyard for events throughout Welcome Week. The morning after move-in day, students from Collins' many student government councils set up an Activities Fair at which they made themselves available to describe opportunities for involvement within these groups. Among other events that took place in the courtyard this week were also the traditional Saturday afternoon "recess time" during which students enjoyed chalking, Hillbilly Golf, croquet, and frisbee. Several RAs also decided to hold their beginning-of-the-year floor meetings in the courtyard, giving students some basic guidelines of res hall life for this year. 

Students leaders give other residents info about
getting involved in student government.
A student gets artsy with chalk during "recess."

Students gather for an outdoor floor meeting.

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