Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet Me in St. Louis

     My res hall, Collins Living-Learning Center, opened its doors to students returning for the new semester on January 5, 2011. (Happy New Year, by the way!) Before the serious work of the semester began, however, I managed to squeeze in a trip to St. Louis on the last weekend of winter break with some friends.

We made it!
     We spent the day at the City Museum in St. Louis, which is truly one of my favorite places in the world. A mecca of creativity, this was the perfect place to blow off steam before the beginning of the semester. To fully understand how great this place is visit www.citymuseum.org.

Looking down into the visual splendor of the museum. 
     We climbed on the sculptural found-art playground in 20-degree weather! We explored the caves! We played with the animals in the aquarium! (Have you ever heard of doctor fish? They're fish who will feed on people's dead skin. And, the City Museum has a tank of them that guests are allowed to stick their hands into! Apparently, if you leave your hands in the tank long enough, the fish will actually start to eat your nails.) We slid down the 10-story slide! We saw the world's biggest pair of underwear!

Playing on the playground in the cold. Fun times!
Exfoliation via doctor fish. Ew.
Did I mention the museum also features a giant hamster wheel to play on?
     I had also just received a polaroid camera for Christmas, and this was a really fun place to try it out!

Bonding with a bird.
We're actually about 50 feet off of the ground here.
Seriously, best playground ever.
With the best ball pit ever!
     Ultimately, the nine hours of driving and the resulting bruises? So completely worth it.

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  1. sooooo coool!! looks like tons of fun and I want to go.