Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Midwinter Night's Dream

     To go out or stay in, that is the question. Students know that there is actually very little spring in spring semester. With brutal winter weather settling in around us, students prepare to face the last couple of months of cold before spring officially arrives. Some break out skateboards and bikes on their way to class, even in the snow.

Just looking at this makes me feel cold.
A brave soul.

     Many other students, however, don't want to leave their rooms at all. Last weekend I spent much of my time reading for classes. I'm in a fantastic combined English and Gender Studies class this semester, and I love it! But, the reading is tough to keep up with, averaging a novel per week or about 50 pages per day. My reading weekend was not only relaxing and enjoyable, but practical as well. 

Reading Jane Eyre.
     Part of the reason why I think I'm enjoying my cozy room so much is because it wasn't so cozy just a week ago. The radiator in my room hasn't been working properly for much of this winter! If any sort of maintenance issue like this ever comes up in your room, you have to do what I did—go to the center desk of your building and fill out a maintenance request form. Just talking to your residential assistant might not get the problem fixed; you have to actually fill out a maintenance request yourself before someone will come to check out the problem.

Books to read, just for fun...
If I ever have time!

So many empty tea bottles.
     Here is the wisdom that winter seems to have brought me: Bundle, guys! Bundle your hearts out! Also, I am turning into an 80-year-old woman. I'm hooked on tea. I love my books. If only I could keep a cat in my res hall room... Cat or no cat, though, I will be camping out in the warmth of my room for the rest of the semester. If you want to see me, you should come by! Just be sure not to interrupt my episode of "Wheel of Fortune."

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  1. hehehe loves it. "wheel of fortune" is the best.