Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Sunshine

     The Spring Equinox was just a couple of days ago, and for the past couple of days, the Bloomington weather has been playing along with the calendar. It looks like spring! And, when those first few days of good weather show up, students flock outdoors to take in the spring sunshine. My fellow bloggers and I have posted entries about the weather several times now. The thing is, weather, for a college student, is not just idle chit chat. When you walk around as much as you do on a big campus like IU, weather becomes a big deal.

The Collins courtyard, buzzing with life.
I brought a couple of old blankets with me at the
beginning of the school year for just this purpose.
     When the weather permits, students around my res hall, Collins, are drawn out into the courtyard. Students spread out in the grass, studying in the spring weather—or not, as the case may be! This area becomes a hive of social activity. The running joke is that the nice weather brings out people you didn't even know lived in your res hall. So, make the most of the spring weather, while it's here! Other spots to try for some outdoor studying, socializing, napping, or a little bit of all of the above: the Arboretum, Dunn Meadow, the woodsy spot behind Woodburn Hall, the little stone garden area outside the Honors College while you wait for the 6 bus, or any green patches on your res hall's front lawn.

Spring weather cheers everyone up!

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