Tuesday, March 1, 2011


     One of my favorite things about living in Collins Living-Learning Center is the involvement level of the residents. This fall I was involved in creating a cooking group. Every month this group, which we call Nourish, meets on a Friday evening to cook dinner together!

Let's get cooking!
Mmm, rice.
     This month was the third meeting of Nourish, and a record-breaking 13 people attended the event! You may be wondering where such an event could be held. An older Collins resident has been opening her Hillcrest apartment to the group every month. (Hillcrest is Collins in-house apartment building, a facility that allows older students the enjoyment of apartment living without moving off-campus or even out of Collins.)

Making baklava on the coffee table.
     Although the kitchen isn't big enough it fit everyone, Nourish attendees make use of the living space in the apartment to prepare the meal. This month we made Indian food—a curry and chapati bread—for dinner and baklava for dessert.

Ready to dig in!

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