Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Center Desk Secrets and Surprises

     As a college student, finding a package in your mailbox is something to look forward to. Getting mail—no matter whether it's from home or something you bought for yourself—always has the capacity to brighten my day! I recently picked up a package that had come for me while my RA was working at the center desk, and she told me about a lot of helpful center-desk services that go beyond the basic mail pick-up.

Step right up!
Little boxes upon boxes of possibility.
     Did you know that center desks often have helpful tools like bicycle pumps on hand in case you get a flat? Or that you can send and receive faxes through your center desk? The center desk also sells stamps for the few people who wander in every week with outbound mail. (You can't send packages through the center desk, but you can definitely send letters!) Who knew?

     In living-learning centers or res halls with special facilities—like Collins with its textiles studio, cinema, darkroom, and so on—students can also pick up the keys to such facilities at their center desk, as long as they've received approval to do so in advance!

Center desk workers are always friendly!
     Go forth and make the most of your center desk!

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  1. love the photos of the mailboxes. they look so old-school mysterious and romantic.