Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Finals Countdown

     As promised, here are some pictures of my friend's completed book-making project. This is certainly a time for projects! With finals looming, students are scrambling to complete final projects and papers and cram for exams.

The goal of the project was to "push the
boundaries of what a book is."

     Yes, finals are always tough time for students, requiring us to juggle multiple grade-defining projects at the same time. And—oh, yeah—life, too.

If you're feeling like this, read on!
 Here are a few tips for a successful finals week:

1. Be honest and upfront! Be honest with yourself about how much time everything on your plate is going to take. Let people like your roommate know in advance that you're going to need to stay up late or need extra space to finish anything from term papers to final paintings. And, if you're down to the wire, and you're not going to be able to get something in on time, let you're professors know as early as possible. They are often more understanding than you think, but they usually prefer to grant extensions, rather than feeling forced to accept late work.

2. Be healthy! If you pull an all-nighter, all the time spent cramming for your test might not be worth it because you will not be able to retain or recall crucial information during an actual exam. Carving out time for the gym, drinking enough water, and eating healthy will also help keep you on an even keel. (Did you know that, when you're even slightly dehydrated, it makes you feel tired and can cause headaches?)

3. Be happy! Finals suck, but they mean that the end of the year and summer are just days away!

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