Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little 500 Week

     Little 500 week at IU is known by students all over Indiana. In the days leading up to the infamous bike race, students from across the state come to visit friends. This week has a reputation for being a week of insanity and drinking, but that's definitely not all there is to it!

     The weekend before the actual race weekend is when my living-learning center holds a traditional event appropriately called Collinsfest. On this day, all of the councils and groups that put on programming throughout the year come together to put on what is essentially a giant party for all Collins residents. Although this year's Collinsfest started out ominously with lots of rain, the weather soon cleared and residents resumed their fun!


Afternoons at Dunn Meadow
     Activities were taking place all week at Dunn Meadow. If the nearby fraternities weren't blasting music, music was blasting in the meadow, itself! On Monday people representing the IU Outdoor Pool held activities and passed out free day passes to the pool, along with popsicle sticks. Meanwhile, students walked their dogs, played ball, studied, and biked through the meadow.

Froshfest and Gnomes on Bikes
     Events were held throughout the week in the Collins courtyard. On one of these nights, the Collins community organized a tricycle race around this space, Gnomes on Bikes. After that followed a concert of freshman musicians from around Collins.

One of the Gnomes on Bikes teams.

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