Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Apple a Day

     When you live in a res hall, surrounded by dozens of other people, it often takes more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away. As some of you may have experienced intimately, cold and flu season is here. And, as they coincide with mid-terms, now is one of the worst times to get sick. Last week I wrote about having the mid-semester blues. Well, this week, those blues got to me. I've been sick for a few days.
Getting-better supplies.
     Walk-in visits to the health center are only $20, but there is little that a doctor can do about a virus, even if its symptoms are severe. So, I've been cozying up with some old movies, texting my Mom, eating junk food—soft junk food—and drinking lots of tea over the past few days. I also went to Target and bought a humidifier because the dry fall air has been exacerbating my sore throat terribly while I try to sleep. (They sell humidifiers ranging from about $20-$100.) These are not revolutionary cures, but they do make you feel somewhat better.
New humidifier. So cool.
     So, if you get sick or already are sick this season, try to take comfort in what you can. Remember that the same people on your floor who may have spread what you have to you are also there to make tea for you. Those of you who were so great to me this week, you know who you are. I appreciate all you guys so much! Trite though it sounds, remember the importance of getting well. It's not worth it to stay up and watch that last episode of Dexter!
I'll be honest. I really appreciated the company of my
stuffed koala, Albert, while sick.
     Good luck to everyone on beating the cold and flu season this year!

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