Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fighting Mid-Semester Blues

Working in the dye.
     It's that time of year. Unfortunately, I don't mean Thanksgiving or Christmas; it's the middle of the semester. While gearing up for mid-terms, many students have developed an unfortunate case of the mid-semester blues. I know I have them. 
     So, what do students do to combat scholarly slumps? Students are staying in more to study. But, staying in doesn't mean you have to study all weekend. I recently dyed my hair with streaks blue along with a few friends over a weekend!
The results of our labors. Look closely
and you can see our streaks!
     Soon what began as a simple dye job became a blue-themed girls night in. Nails were painted blue. We were joined by a blue Beta fish named Archie. Moral of the story? Instigate study break parties. Body modification such as hair dyeing is not necessary but dancing may be. Set aside games that only take a few minutes to play. Break out coloring books. Creativity is a great way to fight the blues.
     Pay people visits! Floor friends are often in need of a study break as badly as you are. And, if you're going to be taking such a break anyway, it will be far more enjoyable with a friend. Test stress can bring people together!

Drying nails painted blue with
light blue polka dots.

Archie was excited to be our mascot
for the evening.

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