Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seasonal Fun!

     Did you know that people in England sometimes make Jack-o'-lanterns out of things other than pumpkins? Well, it's true! I'm no pumpkin carving expert, but I recently carved my first Jack-o'-lantern, just in time for Halloween!

Scooping out pumpkin guts.
     My friend who hosted this carving fun time laid down some plastic bags on her floor before we got started. (These should be available on your floor. Look in the trash room!) Carving Jack-o'-lanterns is a messy process!

I love this stuff.
     After we scooped out all the pumpkins guts, we freehanded some faces directly onto our pumpkins. Then the real fun began: Carving!

Goofy expression.
Carving pumpkins takes a lot of focus.
     To finish all we had to do was wipe off our pumpkins and throw away the trash bags, now covered in orange goop.

Finished! Mine's the one in the middle.

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