Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lunch with an Old Friend

     I am generally a fan of the food at Collins's Edmondson Dining Hall, my source for most meals. However, variety is always nice, and part of the fun of living in Bloomington while at school is exploring the town. That is I what I did with an old friend last Friday; we went to lunch at Wee Willy's Incorporated, a bit of a dive restaurant on the south side of town.

     Willy's, located in a a small, squat brown building off Walnut Street, offers tasty and affordable breakfast food all day. I believe they also have a scrumptious selection of classic comfort food. (Think meatloaf and apple pie.)

     I had fun trying this place that seemed a bit off the beaten path for the typical IU student. (While we were there, I believe that we were the only people at Wee Willy's under the age of 65.)

Look at that enthusiasm.
     The plan is to try a new breakfast place every week! I'll keep you posted.

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