Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Exploratory Students

     Why is it that when it really gets cold for the year, when you really need to be studying and gearing up for finals most, all you want to do is hibernate? I love this time of year, but when the cold sets in, all I want to do is read books, watch movies, and sleep. You know that point when studying isn't even about getting something done but about staying awake? Well, when I hit that point, a change in venue often helps make my study time more productive. Try getting out of your room to study! I've found that this favorably affects my ratio of time spent achieving my homework goals versus time spent sleeping on top of my keyboard.

A student gets to work.
     Go check out your center's library. I love the cozy atmosphere of the Collins library. I also recently explored Eigenmann Hall's library and found a similarly delightful atmosphere—with less steps to get there! If you're in the mood for some stark serenity, try the SoFA library. There's also a small library on the ground floor of the graduate student's side of the Business School that friends have recommended to me as one of the best-kept-secret study spots on campus.

Eigenmann's library offers lots of seating and study space.
     Wherever you end up, try exploring some new study spots on campus. You might be surprised at how helpful getting away from the distractions and sleep-inducing comfort of your room may be!

Studying at the library means that you can always pick up
something for fun to take home with you!

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  1. Well said! I've never heard of that business-school library. It sounds like something I'm interested in checking out!