Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gilding the Lilly

View into the back room of the library from the main room.
     The Lilly Library is one of those places on campus that always makes it into IU brochures and that students never make it into. I have to admit that, as a sophomore on campus, this is the first year that I have visited the library. It's quickly become one of my favorite places on campus!

A brochure for the show.
     The library is currently showing an exhibit in honor of its 50th anniversary called "Gilding the Lilly: A Hundred Medieval and Illuminated Manuscripts at the Lilly Library." This show, which will run until December 18, features 100 of the library's "most important" medieval manuscripts. The library has no need to be gilded, though! It is always a beautiful, serene place. It definitely makes for some cool photography, if I do say so myself!

A beautifully illustrated item from the exhibit.
     You should definitely take a break from stressing about finals to visit the library before Christmas break. It will make you feel calm and oh-so cultured! And, be sure to check out the lectures the library features next semester. They're really interesting! You often get to actually touch and examine pieces from the library... and these lectures also often offer great food! Go to www.indiana.edu/~liblilly/index.php for a calendar of the library's events or more general information on Lilly Library.

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